Aktana: Artificial Intelligence for Pharmaceutical Sales

Aktana: Artificial Intelligence for Pharmaceutical Sales

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David Ehrlich, CEO, AktanaDavid Ehrlich, CEO
According to recent research, AI could help sales representatives utilize their time more efficiently by increasing their productivity by up to 40 percent. Artificial intelligence has progressed immensely and is an integral part of daily life with applications such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Although most of the AI systems interpret and analyze big data, it is weak without a direction for it to perform tasks. When it comes to customer relationship management, AI system needs to provide data-driven decisions to its users and decrease the leg work by taking up tasks such as patent expirations, formulary changes, adverse impact reports, and new indication approvals. Aktana is an AI system which, along with Veeva’s compelling virtual data, helps its users by providing them with the information needed by them for better decision making. This product, called Aktana MSD creates dynamic workflows and strategies for sales and marketing representatives, and provides invaluable insights to its users.

Aktana MSD converts brand strategies into daily suggestions, field related insights, and also integrates this into a unified CRM system which enables seamless coordination of the healthcare professional customer experience (HCP). Veeva’s robust content management system stores all the raw and processed data in an open data source for Aktana’s usage during the execution of plans, sales alignment, marketing, and yearly brand strategies.
Using machine learning algorithms integrated into each brands’ strategy, Aktana does the job role of an analyst amalgamating big data from Veeva’s Cloud storage system and providing features such as pre-calling plans, incorporation of targets, ideal pacing, geographical proximities, HCP availability, and call history. The reason for Aktana to collaborate with Veeva even though Veeva has its very own CRM tool is because of Aktana’s integration capability, converting a multi-channeled system like Veeva’s CRM into a single and intuitive channel.

For marketing personnel, Aktana MSD provides a platform for initializing, modifying, and implementing marketing strategies. Aktana provides seamless integration from various communication channels helping life science marketing teams to deliver real value and plan to every channel, including the sales representatives. Aktana eliminates the chances of conflicting or redundant messaging by synthesizing suggestions triggered by brand strategy, marketing automation, and other non-personnel triggers into one feed, breaking down silos from the sales representatives’ workflow. The data agnosticism approach that Aktana adopts along with its smart engine processes any data at the HCP level and integrates with customer bases such as Veeva, IQVIA, and even home-grown CRMs. These features make Aktana a global product making use of AWS and having the flexibility to fit initiatives of any size. While supporting brands and teams across three continents, Aktana also ensures global data security by encrypting all forms of data while transmitting or resting, including data stored on corporate systems, personal computing devices, and legacy devices.

Aktana’s integration with Veeva provides a future of AI-based CRM systems that would reduce the dependency of sales and marketing teams upon manual strategies and abilities of an individual. This feature makes Aktana’s MSD one of the topmost Veeva based customer relationship tool for the year 2019. “Our strict emphasis on supporting the sales and marketing teams of life sciences companies has been a key driver to our early success.” quotes David Ehrlich, CEO of Aktana. Aktana’s vision is to provide impactful variant products for brands strategy and execution, along with highlighting the optimal path to results, enabling more simple actions on plans and strategies.