Boston Technology Research: At the Vanguard of Managing Compliance in the Cloud

Boston Technology Research: At the Vanguard of Managing Compliance in the Cloud

Quality is the yardstick when it comes to evaluating practices in the life sciences industry. It is essential for life sciences companies to maintain robustness, flexibility, and regulatory compliance while tracking, managing, and proactively resolving quality issues. Emerging technologies and evolving regulations are fundamentally transforming how the industry operates, but they bring along new complexities of managing them. Rising to this need, two industry experts, Kosal Keo and Bryan Ennis of Boston Technology Research (BTR)—an innovative quality management solutions company—collaborated efforts with Veeva to help clients create efficiencies and savings when validating Veeva implementations and maintaining compliance during Veeva software releases and system enhancements.

BTR’s four-year partnership with Veeva boasts of over 350 successful projects with over 210 Veeva customers. BTR is the trusted partner that develops the pre-executed implementation validation packages leveraged by Veeva for emerging life sciences companies. “Our experience has given us an informed perspective on industry best practices and benchmarks,” explains Kosal, founder, BTR. “We see the commonalities across companies and develop solutions to deliver higher levels of quality with greater efficiency and reduced cost.”

Kosal draws his decades of experience in compliance and quality systems to steer BTR to success. His expertise perfectly complements Bryan’ experience as the founder of Veeva’s R&D Customer Success Management (CSM) practice, who also helped scale Veeva’s R&D product line from its first early-adopters to become the industry leader with over 250 customers leveraging its Quality, eTMF, and RIM solutions. Upon joining BTR as its new CEO, Bryan together with Kosal are leading the charge to provide both Veeva clients and the life sciences industry quality management solutions optimized for SaaS governance; based on real-world customer success.

As Bryan describes it, “BTR’s work with Veeva’s customers is intended to increase the value they realize from their Veeva investments.” BTR and Veeva share a strategic quality and computer system validation (CSV) partnership and continue to develop smarter ways to optimize regulatory compliance and validation activities across the life sciences space.
“We’re helping Veeva customers transform outdated compliance processes and significantly improve how they manage Veeva software releases and changes,” says Kosal.

Recently, BTR has launched its Release and Change Management Services that promise to reduce the cost and complexity of enhancing customer deployments of Veeva products. Veeva customers are engaging with BTR to take on all of the activities associated with preparing, testing, and executing change controls. “We’re uniquely positioned,” explains Bryan, “we understand what it takes to execute Veeva releases and customer-specific changes successfully.” Customers are dramatically reducing the complexity of managing Veeva releases through a combination of services and BTR’s Res_Q software suite. Res_Q includes fully-paperless validation lifecycle and electronic change management modules, which automates regression testing and provides actionable analytics on customer processes.

BTR isn’t stopping there. The company has launched Quality Startup, a new approach to accelerating the launch of new life sciences organizations. “We want all of our customers to have a world-class Quality System to support world-class technology,” explains Kosal. BTR’s methodology provides all of the key SOPs, audit reports and validation packages a customer will need to go live with Veeva. “It’s the 80-20 rule,” adds Kosal. “We’ve invested in synthesizing the best-practices across the industry into a solution that customers can easily personalize to their business needs.”

BTR has evolved from a consulting to a hybrid services and software company, revolutionizing the way how the life sciences industry manages the CSV process. “A key part our future is establishing a community of practice,” explains Kosal. “There is an economy to scale that enables our clients to share information regarding managing Veeva releases and learn from each other on what it takes to implement new Veeva capabilities. Veeva is becoming the most mission-critical platform for the industry, and we want to make sure it delivers on transforming the lives of patients around the world.”