Modis: Driving Project Management Efficiency

Modis: Driving Project Management Efficiency

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Project management is a challenge, especially when executed at a global level, with varying factors such as time zones, culture, language, and financial markets at play. In such scenarios, it takes seamless communication to create a sense of connectedness and integrity among all the members and stakeholders. Bringing new healthcare solutions to the market requires choosing the right mix of plans for a high value and balanced portfolio. Modis is a Belgian consultancy and project management company that offers its expertise to many life sciences, IT, and engineering projects. Team Modis has a thorough technical understanding, which gives them the unique ability to support fast-growing companies. A team of over 90 industry experts provides project management services that encompass orchestration of supply chain transactions. Modis delivers its project and portfolio management service that includes consultation, training, end-to-end support of complex projects, essential project management tools, and a communication plan for the entire project management team.

Modis offers on site or off site project services for life science researches with flexible and agile delivery strategy. Modis’ team of experts assists in developing a business case and defining the rationale for process transformation. Modis has developed a global network of talent and technically proficient personnel who apply the industry best practices and proven methodologies for delivering high-quality results consistently. The global pool of experts can rapidly respond to the business needs individually or as a multidisciplinary team and offer services or even provide end-to-end products. The teams can handle real-world evidence projects from an end-to-end perspective with medical chart review studies, observational studies, and creating registries in collaboration with physicians and pharmacists. These experts can work alongside the research team of the organization to provide regulatory management services, electronic trial master file services, and quality management services. Modis adopts DMAIC, PDCA, lean methodologies, and root cause analysis for delivering efficient supply chain services to its clients.

The tightly-integrated teams of Modis are capable of handling large-scale projects anywhere in the world

What gives Modis an edge over its competitors are the insights it offers, beginning from process analysis until the product delivery. Modis brings to bear its partnership with the cloud-based business solutions platform for global life sciences, Veeva, to meet the client expectations efficiently. Veeva’s CRM is one of the most advanced life sciences solutions preferred by project management teams due to its unique features such as superior mobility, multi-channel capabilities, and invaluable real-time insights. Modis combines the capabilities of its skilled personnel along with Veeva’s open and collaborative business model to increase the value it offers to customers. This combined effort results in integrated solutions enabled with targeted content and extensive service offerings.

Modis operates in about 20 countries and works with organizations of all sizes. Apart from its life sciences services, Modis also offers IT and Engineering services. Modis’ ‘people first’ approach has enabled it to bring bright minds together. This process requires understanding every candidate’s ambitions and harnessing the talent to maximize value delivery to clients. The tightly-integrated teams of Modis are capable of handling large-scale projects anywhere in the world. This capability of Modis makes it a cross-domain thinking and interdisciplinary solution provider ready to tap futuristic technology innovations. Digital innovation is revolutionizing businesses and embracing this on a global scale requires new ways of thinking. Modis brings together specialized skills and solutions across different technology disciplines to that end.