Intouch Solutions: Redefining Rep Visits with AI-Based Insights

Intouch Solutions: Redefining Rep Visits with AI-Based Insights

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David Windhausen, Executive Vice President, Intouch SolutionsDavid Windhausen, Executive Vice President
The pharma sales reps need access to engaging, resourceful, and personalized content related to drugs, medical devices, and the unique needs of the healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients for maximum outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI), with its ability to automate and predict results, is redefining the future of pharma marketing with greater abilities, helping sales reps to reach patients and providers with the kind of precision and accuracy never imagined before. Spearheading data and AI innovation in pharma and healthcare marketing is Kansas-based Intouch Solutions, a full-service digital marketing company that aids large pharmaceutical firms, medical device manufacturers, and animal health organizations by providing them granular visibility into their target audience. “Using AI technology,we allow a sales rep to understand the individual needs of the HCPs and create customized content easily,” states David Windhausen, Executive Vice President of Intouch. The company enables dynamic marketing automation, facilitates document analysis and relevant content extraction rapidly and cost-effectively to deliver a holistic experience while meeting the specific regulatory and compliance needs of the pharma industry.

Intouch has a history of innovation in pharma and healthcare marketing industries. It is the same company that partnered with Veeva Systems—a business solutions provider for the life sciences industry—to pioneer the idea of enabling the sales reps with the power to create and distribute sales information and relevant digital sales assets on the go, using iPad. Mobility-driven digital sales reps can now learn about their prospective HCP clients from any location while the near-time sales information allowsthem to make the ‘right decision at the right time.’ Ever since, Intouchhas gained expertise in all the leading platforms of Veeva and has fostered talent that is unmatched in the areas of Veevaand other digital marketing platforms like Adobe, and Salesforce. “We have a team that is focused on digital technologies, analytics, as well as content strategy and development,” says Windhausen. “Our team can orchestrate the integration between multiple marketing platforms and technologies and has specialized knowledge, strategic expertise, and creative innovation.”

Intouch combines its expertise and proprietary AI engine with Veeva’s strategic tools to enable reps with the right insights about the next best action for them to take. This predictability makes anticipated relevance possible. With easy and timely access to quality data accrued from a variety of touch points, including digital, sales reps can engage and influence an HCP and impress them with the best digital experience.

Using AI technology,we allow a sales rep to understand the individual needs of the HCPs and create customized content easily

The HCPs gain information that’s useful to them in the format of their choice. At the outset of interactions, Intouch’s AI engine gains a clear understanding of a sales rep’s itinerary, segments their prospective customers, and guides them to take the best foot forward. “Our technology tells them where they need to go, who they need to see,” says Windhausen.It also provides the reps key inputs on what their HCP cares about and what information will be most helpful to their practice. What’s more, reps can build custom marketing plans and messages and take a more confident decision on their next best action by leveraging the suggestions delivered to their mobile device. These suggestions can be offered through the voice assistant, or sent by text or email for later reference. With access to most relevant digital marketing assets efficiently, reps and marketing teams minimize the administrative burden, improve time efficiency, and provide quality information to doctors to enhance patient care. With the support of automation, reps can finally focus on their core business process and drive the revenue.

“We have primarily two categories of customers―the US commercial brand marketers and enterprise groups,” says Windhausen. The commercial brand marketers’ clientele demands better, more engaging, and relevant customer experiences. Intouch assists these marketers with accurate analysis of the clientele and their brand’s impact across the marketing channels. After determining the brand marketer’s point of influence, Intouch creates customer micro-segmentation and develops the right content marketing strategy based on the client’s needs to deliver a customized experience.

On the other hand, most of the contemporary pharma companies promote multiple brands instead of focusing on a single blockbuster. This trend compels the enterprise groups to find better and innovative marketing ways to support commercial brands in reaching the market quickly.Intouchanalyzes the US promotional strategy for the healthcare market to engage with this client category. The company makes sure that the implementation of the marketing governance models and processes aligns with the commercial promotion strategy, which aids the enterprise groups’ clientele to reach the market quickly. However, enterprise groups don’t prefer marketing agencies as partners. To meet the enterprise groups’ demand, Intouchhas established a new company—Intouch B2D—with a new service structure. Today, Intouchassists both the client categories in quickly adapting to the ever-changing US healthcare sphere and marketing regulations.

At present, Intouch partners with various marketing cloud providers such as Salesforce and Adobe, but, Veeva remains their main partner. Intouch strives to guide pharmaceutical companies to adopt appropriate technologies and employ ‘best practices’ like harnessing the power of closed-loop marketing to identify preferences, harmonizing interactions across channels, and forging deeper customer relationships.