VIIHEALTH: Time to Market Drives Digital Customer Engagement

VIIHEALTH: Time to Market Drives Digital Customer Engagement

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Mark Benthin, Founder & Executive Chairman, VIIHEALTHMark Benthin, Founder & Executive Chairman "A Ferrari is an awesome, powerful machine but if it’s stuck in traffic and can’t move, it’s engine is of little comfort. Minimizing churn and simplifying execution to drive speed and value of customer engagement are critical for Pharma marketers.” This statement comes from Mark Benthin, Founder and Executive Chairman of VIIHEALTH. In an increasingly complex digital environment, the demand for targeted and engaging content is increasing and is a key to thrive and stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Pharma companies today are on a look out for solution providers that can both assist them in improving their return on digital investments and help in facilitating effective customer engagement. With its state-of-the-art cloud SaaS solutions, VIIHEALTH is changing the way Life Science companies improve customer engagement and business results. The company helps global life science companies accelerate the right content to the specified customers through advanced business intelligence capabilities, high-impact personalized interactions, and deep customer insights.

The Inception

The global life sciences industry has embraced the digital revolution to engage customers and address their information needs across the various stages of a product’s lifecycle. To assist this transformation of companies across the life sciences industry, cloud-computing companies like Veeva have generated huge returns. In a customer journey that reaches across the realms of conducting medical studies, collecting clinical and commercial marketing information and communicating across various digital platforms, an intense amount of manual production and programming effort is necessary. Intelligent content automation is required to deliver all of the various file types and interactive sequences for Veeva-centric closed-loop marketing (CLM), email, remote, web and other channels effectively, while ensuring more relevant, targeted and intelligent customer experiences, and minimizing costly and time consuming manual programming.

"Our SMART Content API permits ongoing gathering of customer centric data to deliver content and recommendations to brand marketers and directly to customers"

A serial entrepreneur with a proven record in building next generation healthcare solutions involving cloud computing, data-centric applications, and mobile enterprise collaboration at a global scale, Benthin realized the need to step up and help companies accelerate their digital engagements. Teaming with Sunny Verma, a seasoned bio-pharma executive, Benthin founded VIIHEALTH, a next-generation digital customer engagement company. VIIHEALTH assists companies to execute and improve their return on digital spending through automated content production for delivery via digital multi-channel campaigns; via the field rep’s mobile device or directly to the consumer, across multiple channels.

“With our leading-edge cloud-based SaaS offerings, we automate every process and remove the delay and cost caused by manual churn and tedious, expensive programming. We simplify and scale content engagement to accelerate business performance,” asserts Benthin.

Intelligent Content Automation SaaS Platform

Creating, modifying, and deploying digital content is a manual, slow, complex, and costly process. To maximize results, sales and marketing teams need proper resources to conduct meaningful engagements with their customers.
Sundeep (Sunny) K. Verma, Founder & President, VIIHEALTH Inc. (US)

These resources include not only the appropriate sales platform (CRM, CLM, etc.) but also relevant and timely content and materials. The VIIHEALTH simple, multi-channel, automated, relevant, and targeted (SMART) Content Suite (“SCS”) is an intelligent content automation SaaS platform that saves significant time, effort and budget in the production of interactive, tracked digital content assets. By focusing on intelligent automation at each stage of the production process, SCS is able to interpret original materials from agencies or companies without special handling. The object of SCS then, is to extract editable content, references, objects, and interactivity, to deliver fully compliant assets for CLM, multi-channel email and now video at the touch of a button without the need for programming or rigid templates. Beyond that initial rollout, with seamless linkage to Veeva enterprise content Vault, CLM and CRM, the company’s automated efforts go further, driving new applications and transformational experiences across channels for any kind of digital content. Recently through the SMART Content Suite, VIIHEALTH broke the mold to deliver fully programmatic personalized video email capability at the touch of a button, further extending and improving on multi-channel email customer engagement.

With our cloud-based SaaS automation offerings, we remove the delay, cost and limitations caused by manual churn and tedious, expensive programming. VIIHEALTH truly enables “Your content. Smarter.”

For instance, content originally conceived for medical purposes can also be automatically converted to VeevaCLM as a tracked supporting document—even used within a stand-alone player at a physician event—with market access teams to engage clients; automatically converted to email fragments for use in multi-channel or Veeva Rep Approved email; or even to a video sequence the engage and interest target physicians. It facilitates wider adoption and successful interactions while minimizing costs. Thousands of brands worldwide operate in a similar fashion and rely on relevant and targeted content as a key component of meaningful experiences and winning sales and marketing execution strategies. Beyond sales focused efforts, the multi-channel execution still requires content in specific formats to drive interaction with key healthcare professionals to ensure the home office receives the insights on what message delivery and feedback on the impact. “Our SMART Content solution enables content deployment in a matter of days rather than weeks, while improving on customer engagement and data intelligence; delivering a critical solution for brand teams to respond better and faster to market events,” explains Sunny Verma.

The VIIHEALTH comprehensive IP-based approach makes it easy to optimize the customer interaction value chain and address the complexities spanning multiple brands, geographies, disease portfolios, and varied stakeholders. The core of the Suite centers on the extensible, Veeva integrated SMART Content framework. The current system automatically imports content objects, designs, and materials from Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Microsoft PowerPoint to the framework, where they can then be combined, applied, or otherwise rendered in different output formats. With automation at its core, the VIIHEALTH SMART Content Suite is rapidly evolving to address new life science needs and budgets.
Fast and Simple Digital Content Production

In today’s digital world, there is a huge gap in execution of the digital marketing strategy and it needs integrated solutions that can enhance the value of customer interactions. VIIHEALTH is on a quest to create differentiating add-on value for its clients through smart, targeted and scalable solutions. The company acquired Hubdata, a company that provides data analytics tools and business intelligence expertise, to add new capabilities to its portfolio in order to enhance value for clients. Through its Hubdata Intelligence Engine, VIIHEALTH enables pharmaceutical clients to harness the value of customer interaction data and predictive analytics for delivering operational recommendations. For example, personalized video sequences can be delivered to individual physicians based upon their profile and multi-channel response.

The SMART Content platform works in concert with leading enterprise content management systems (Veeva Vault) and CRM/CLM systems, and not only accommodates the complexity, but also puts a premium on speed, flexibility, and deeper customer engagement. Whether the solution is deployed at an enterprise level; via an existing factory, or design center, or in a hybrid model with existing agencies “Certified” to take on specific roles, the SCS has been designed to address the complexities inherent in any life sciences company’s workflow.

VIIHEALTH offers the suite— available bundled based on the needs of the clients, markets, and the scope and complexity of each engagement—with two types of subscriptions. The first is the SMART Content Producer cloud SaaS subscription for speeding-up the content production and delivery. It enables the automated conversion of non-digital assets into appropriately categorized and tagged interactive content designed for the prevailing customer relationship management (CRM), closed-loop marketing (CLM) and email systems. Overall, the SMART Content Producer easily enables the authoring, editing, previewing, and publishing of digital content without the need for programming.

HUBDATA Intelligence Engine Cloud SaaS Subscription, the second solution, offers to elevate performance. With a powerful SMART Content API, this engine aggregates various marketplace data-sets into a central repository and leverages the insights to make content recommendations directly accessible to marketers and key items by sales teams right when and where they need it—easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. By automating much of the task of conversion, production and development of digital content; and combining that with the aggregation and insight-generation of relevant multi-channel data, the platform intelligence makes it easy to react to market events. Companies can subsequently cut the cost and time required to deliver outstanding engagement experiences to their identified customers. “Our SMART Content API permits ongoing gathering of customer centric data to deliver content and recommendations to brand marketers and directly to customers,” says Verma.

An Intelligent Future

For the future, the company aims at enhancing its capabilities and features to provide more value for enterprise clients alongside SMART apps that seek to embed the core solution within a specific end-to-end automated multi-channel experience for customers. VIIHEALTH just introduced its’ SMART Video product that automatically transforms existing sales materials and fragments into personalized short clips for the professionals and patients alike. The company also aims at expanding its footprint by expanding its roster of partnerships. Benthin asserts that the execution of digital content creation has become an arduous, limiting process and with its team experience and expertise, VIIHEALTH’s goal is to resolve this issue as successfully as they have been doing through various programs over the years. “We are going to take our solutions and go back to where we started and make it much easier to get material to the people that need it via the channel they prefer to use and help them keep engaged over a longer period of time. That’s an exciting area for us that will embark further as we move into 2020,” explains Benthin.
- Stacey Smith
    July 16, 2019